Thursday, 18 July 2013

Trigonometry (Bearing - Application) (GROUP TASK 1)


To enable students to apply the procedural skills as well as the Mathematics Problem solving Heuristics.

Study the problem given and analyse the solution attached.
Use the Mathematical Heuristics techniques done in previous lessons as a guide.
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  What do you think is the heuristics used in solving the problem? Justify your answer


  1. I think the heuristics used here is simplifying the problem. They split the N30oE into North & East and solved them separately using trigo. Also, they drew a diagram to aid in their solution to the problem.

    - Owen

  2. The problem is first understood, and a plan is made by drawing a diagram to make things simpler to understand and visualise.

    The trigonometric functions are then identified based on what information is known, ie hypotenuse and the angle is known, the opposite and the adjacent needs to be found.

    Evaluate the math equation.

    Check for correct units and level of accuracy. (1 d.p.)

  3. They used visual representation to make it simplified.Thus making it easy to apply trigonometric functions to solve the problem.

  4. The heuristic used here is simplifying the problem. For part a, they drew a triangle, then used the concept of right angle being 90 degrees, then use trigonometry. They split the problem into 3 steps and solved it accordingly.

  5. Drawing a model (diagram) to show where the ship is.

  6. One of the heuristic used in solving the question is by drawing a model. Models are drawn to represent the situation given in the question, helping the solver to better understand the question.

  7. 1. The use of visual representation to get a clear image of the information you can work with and the information you must find.
    2. With the use of the diagram, identify the the type of trigonometry ratio you should use then substitute in the values.

  8. The heuristics used is a combination of simplify the problem and drawing a visual representation.
    First a right-angled triangle is drawn so that trigonometry can be used. (TOA,CAH SOH)
    Next, the angle is found and trigo is used to find the distance.

  9. First they simplified the question and changed it into finding the length of the triangle. Secondly they redrew a model. After that they applied the bearing knowledge and find the answer.

  10. Firstly, a diagram is drawn to allow the person doing to understand the problem.

    Next, a previous method from Trigonometry was applied to the bearing. The values were substituted and the values were found.

  11. The heuristic used is visual representation. It is used to represent the path of the ship, a triangle is used to simplify the diagram, allowing trigonometry to be applied to solve the problem

  12. Visual presentation
    Problem simplification
    Model drawing
    These technics are used in the solution.

  13. Firstly, analyse the question and underline the key information.

    Secondly, make guesses of the solutions and check which are applicable.

    Thirdly, make a model of your guess, (such as superimposing a triangle)

    Lastly, use the model and information provided(angles, distance) and trigo method to solve the problem.

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  15. He worked backwards using the starting location and the end point , this allowed him to find relations and create equations to solve the problem .
    He drew a model to visualize the question and to better understand it and solve it .
    These methods allowed him to easily apply trigonometry to solve the question .

  16. Heuristic used is drawing a model to easily visualise the problem and understand it in a faster and better way.