This task is a precursor to the graded task that will be given at a later date.
The task has been postponed to give students more time to have a better grasp of fundamental maths thinking process and better infusion of ICT skills and Mathematics.

You are allowed to work as a team - not more than 2.

The Task (as mentioned in Week 3)
You are required to use a suitable ICT tool that incorporate Mathematics skills and concepts as well as ICT skills into solving/simplifying a given issue/challenge.

Choose any of the following topic:
1: How identify a polynomial?
    the tool designed must be able to differentiate between a polynomial and a non-polynomial
    as such the designer must be able to clearly defined the differences between the two.
    the input would be the values of the coefficients
    the output would be an indication whether it is a polynomial or not with possibly a justification.
2: How to perform long division?

    the tool would enable the user to input the polynomial (DIVIDEND) and DIVISOR.
    possible to just input the coefficients 
    the look and feel should reflect the long division process
    (designer may restrict the order of the polynomials to just 5 or quintic) 
    the output would enable to the user to see both Quotient and Remainder.

3: How to perform synthetic division?

    similar input and output as in Long Division but the process would be different.
    the look and feel should reflect the synthetic division process

4: solve cubic equation.
    First the user must input the coefficients and constant of the cubic equation

    Second use factor theorem to find the factors
    Third give the final answers (i.e. the roots of the cubic equations are ...)
    Good to show also:
         How the equation/solution looks like graphically?

Post the link to your solution in the Maths Blog as a new entry using the following format
Deadline :  end week 5 (week 1 Feb)

Post Title: ICT TASK 1 (chapter 1) (Name/s)
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Suggested Tools:
graphing tools


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