Monday, 16 September 2013

Find my Centre - Authentic Task


This is a collaborative activity to consolidate the learning of angles in a circle viz a viz APPLIED LEARNING MODE.

ICT tools:  
your choice (Geogebra, Geometer Sketch Pad etc)

You are a mechanical engineer that is supervising a mould making process. You have just been tasked to replicate a circular object in your production line. The products must be precise (congruent of the highest degree) and must be mass produced efficiently at the shortest possible time with minuscule margin of error. 

The first task is to produce a mould by which all the objects will be replicated from. 

To facilitate the process, you are required to first determine how you would determine the following
  1. centre of the circle
  2. radius of the circle / sphere
For the above activity, you are required to use the angles properties discovered in the topic. 
Do provide the logical reasoning in your answer.
Post your solution in blog page assigned to you.
Remember time is a factor so you have to plan your time very well.

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