Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lesson Summary (February 26th 2013)

Morning Lesson:

We learnt how to solve logarithms using different methods.

Method 1: Covert log form to exponential form.
Method 2: Use change of base formula first.

For example:

Afternoon Lesson:

From the tables we have calculated out, we can conclude that:

- Power:   loga (xp) = p loga x

-  Product: loga (xy) = loga x + loga y


A formula can also be inputed into your graphic calculator to help change base:

Sorry I will input the formula when I get the paper back ><

Otherwise, you can use this log rule to change base too:

- Change of base formula


Things to take note:

loga (x + y) ≠ loga x + loga y
loga (x – y) ≠ loga x – loga y

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