Thursday, 24 January 2013


Heres what we've covered in class today...

1): Please do remember to organize your workings and provide necessary explanation otherwise the marker would not understand your concept.

2) FRACTIONS: What is a fraction?

A fraction is numerical quantity that is not a whole number 

Numerator/ Denominator

Whole Number- Both values of the numerator and the denominator are equal.

Improper Fraction-  The degree of the unknown in the numerator is higher than the denominator it is said to be a improper fraction 

Proper Fraction– The degree of the unknown in the numerator is lower than the denominator it is said to be a proper fraction.However, if the both the degrees are the same, it would NOT be a proper fraction


Definition: Partial fraction is breaking apart the final expression into its initial polynomial fractions.

How to solve a Partial Fraction:

Step 1: Factorising the denominator

Partial Fractions

Step 2: Separate
Partial Fractions

Step 3:
Multiply through by the bottom so there no longer will be fractions

Partial Fractions

Step 4: Find the constant

Partial Fractions

Express it as a partial fraction

Partial Fractions

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