Thursday, 24 January 2013

Summary on Partial fractions ( Mason Sim )

Partial fractions are a way of simplifying fractions that have polynomials in them into simpler , partial fractions , hence the name .  We break fractions into partials fractions so that we can handle them easier with less confusion .

Methods to solve partial fractions 
- Before starting , make sure that the fractions you have are proper ( Numerator degree is smaller than denominator degree. ) If the fraction is improper , use long division or synthetic division in order to get a mixed fraction . In order to make this into mixed fractions , we take the numerator divided by the denominator .

1) Decomposition 
- We factorize the denominator and break it up into factors
-We put different unknowns onto each denominator .
- Therefore , our partial fractions are equal to our original fraction
- Multiply the partial fraction side with the denominator
 Partial Fractions  >>>Partial Fractions
- Start solving it like a normal equation
 ~ You can substitute the x values with those of the denominator such that it will equal 0 such as 2 or -1 in the example shown .


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