Tuesday, 12 March 2013

12/3 Math Scribe Post – Justin (11)

What we did today ~(•0•)~ 
- Quiz on laws of surds, logs, indices, and some log questions below
We did this to revise our concepts as it is important to understand the laws before we can manipulate them. Also because logs are fun. 

- Diagnostic Test on Quadratic Equations
To revise and re-emphasize on what are the key concepts in this topic. Also because quadratic is fun. 

- Peer Assessment 
This taught us how to improve our answers, in terms of mathematical concepts, explanations and presentation.
Presentation will ultimately affect your explanation, which then affects your mathematical concept which is a shown in your presentation. It's a vicious cycle. 
Through this cycle, we learn that we communicate with the reader when writing out math equations. We must explain what we're doing in the question well, or else it won't make any sense. This form of communication is key in exams. 

Mathematical concepts we learnt today ~(•0•)~ 
MISCONCEPTIONS: (reasons for our tests)
a^(-n) = a^(1/n) 
This is wrong as when the power is negative, your base is now a denominator, not your power. 
Make sure to get your concepts down for the exam, for they are our foundation! ^^

x + 1 = 0 
This is an equation. It shows that both sides are of the same value.
x + 1 > 0 
This is an inequality, it shows in the inequality between both sides in terms of value.
x + 1 
This is an expression, of not needed to be solved but rather simplified. 

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