Saturday, 20 April 2013

Coordinate Geometry - Line - Point - Ray

GCE O Elementary Mathematics syllabus for COORDINATE GEOMETRY



In geometry a line:

  • is straight (no curves),
  • has no thickness, and
  • extends in both directions without end (infinitely).
  • A line has no ends

 What is the main difference(s) between (a) a line, (b) a segment and (c) a ray ?

Point, Line, Plane and Solid

  • point has no dimensions, only location
  • A line is one-dimensional
  • plane is two dimensional
  • solid is three-dimensional


  1. A line has no ends, it does not have a certain length, it extends in both directions.

    A segment has two ends, it has a certain length, it cannot extend.

    A ray has only one end, it has no length, it can extend in only one direction.

  2. A line has no ends. A ray has one point at one side however a segment has two ends which determine its length.

  3. A line has no ends and extends to infinity. A segment has two ends and is not extending to infinity. A ray has one end and the other extending to infinity

  4. A line has no ends and can reach infinity, A segment is a part of a line and has two ends which can be used to find the length of the segment. A ray has one end and another end would extend to infinity

  5. A line is one dimensional with both ends reaching to infinity.
    A segment is one dimensional with both ends reaching a finite number
    A ray is one dimensional with one end reaching infinity and the other end at a finite number.

  6. Line has no ends, extends forever
    Segment has two ends, has a certain length
    Ray has only one end and it can only extend on the other end

  7. A line has no end to it, it can go on forever.
    A segment is a select portion of a line, and thus is limited by the segment ends. It does not go on forever.
    A ray has on end, but the other can extend on to ∞.

  8. A line extends in both directions without end.
    A segment has the same properties of a line, however, it has 2 endpoints.
    A ray has one endpoint with one end extending to infinity.